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It is a fundamental concept in security that minimizes risk to the business or organization. Security Magazine reported on a study that found: 52 percent of consumers would consider paying for the same products or services from a provider with better security 52 percent of consumers said security is an important or main consideration when purchasing products or services. At anytime you can post an article that you feel would be of interest to the wider audience.

The article has to have relevance with data protection and cyber security. If we do have an issue, we will reach out to you. You will use this audit to log your personal data breaches. This Personal Log is used to record your personal data handling activities. You must protect your position against any future breaches as proof of evidence.

This audit is used by to record any data breaches brought forward by individuals against you. When I went back to access my draft audit I could not edit again, i.

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I could not open the content. The test question I filled out was: In cases of personal data breaches controllers must notify supervisory authorities Submission attempt failed due to credit card details not being filled in. The page tells me to register first but I thought I am already registered? Video currently being updated, will be uploaded by end of the 18th June and correct link added. Can date formats, currencies etc. After submitting my partner request I seemed to have got into a partner page with all features locked out.

This should be avoided until the partner request is processed. Also after logging out and logging back in I could only access the partner menu that had all features locked out including the logout button. I would suggest the logout button should never be locked out. Partner requests have to be manually approved. Logout issue corrected. While viewing each presentation, I happened to click on the web page the presentation video disappeared and I could not get it back.

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I had to restart the presentation from the main page again. This would also remove the need to show a banner at the beginning of each video to indicate the length of the video.

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Controls added to videos. Clicking outside the video parameters will close the presentation. It is unclear how this button functions, e. I tried to login anyway but there was no login process, I ended up on the Training Site home screen as before, i. I then ended up on my dashboard and then went to the Training site and found my course. Otherwise you should offer a Login from the Home page only. I hope this helps.

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Issue related to indirect redirection. GDPA will mediate your complaint where it complies with the data privacy regulations in effect. Before a fine is handed out, a serious of sanctions take place. T from Singapore. Bottom line is we have settled on a pricing model for the many and not for the few. T from Ireland. Knowledge has no price limit and yes we could quite easily charge more. Furthermore, it matters not whether you hold onto the data for 1 minute or 10 years. F from Australia. K from Belgium. To clear the air and any confusion, you can email both B2B Business to Business and B2C Business to Consumer based on the following parameters: B2B Business to Business in 5 steps Make sure the business you are targeting is relevant to your email.

Define your legitimate interest when emailing them. Keep your database clean and up to date. Make sure the business email is not a personal name, example: wrong : john businessname. Keep it simple and let them decide. Adjust your lead generation and consent forms, permitting the users to opt-in freely, be specific, keep it simple, and easy to understand. When collecting data for multiple marketing channels sms, postal mail, email… give the user the option to pick which channels they wish to receive communications from you. Provide separate options for each channel.

Be clear with your audience should the information you collect from them is likely to be shared with 3rd parties. D from Greece. S from Greece. X from Sweden. The impact of GDPR is global. Here are the 3 key questions you need to immediately ask yourself: Do you have a registered mailing address within the European Union for all your GDPR related matters? Have you taken the first basic steps towards GDPR compliance?

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C from Dubai. Biometric identifiers are divided into 2 categories, Behavioral and Physiological. S from Canada. The entity receiving your request requires: sufficient evidence on your behalf to verify the identity of the data subject making such a request and sufficient details on your behalf so it can locate your request.

A from UK. Do yourself a favor: Take a step back. Take a deep breath. Take a structured approach towards compliance. D from Italy. B from UK. M from Hong Kong. Z from Hong Kong. Taking this approach will direct you in the right direction towards compliance. R from USA. Y from Cyprus. Yes, photography is subject to the GDPR regulations. H from Germany.

Bitcoin \u0026 The Future of Crypto Regulation (w/ Raoul Pal \u0026 Caitlin Long)

Define your stakeholders for GDPR compliance. Discover what data you need to protect and manage. Control the access to your data. Centralize your data across your organization. Forget bitcoin, trust is the new currency of the future! V from UK. Who will help me do this.

Can I keep this data base on file? A from Spain. M from Taiwan. K from Taiwan. Furthermore it matters not whether you are a small family business or a large organization, The purpose of a certification is to develop a code-of-conduct for your staff to follow, which in return helps them understand the requirements and actions needed in being compliant.

M from Greece. The short answer is yes. F from Germany. Create your master Project Compliance entry.