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Lord Tennyson T. Adelaide Procter. The Lord the Creator. The Captive leraelite. The Better Land. Sonnetto Tfae Restitution of Man. Sayings of the Wise. Twofold Hope The Grace of God. Α Hynin for all Natioim.

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The Star in the Eaet. Lyra Apostolica. Lyni Apostolica. Lyra Apoatolica.

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Fclicm Hcmnns. Antonio Tommasi, K. Proverhs, Ch. XIX T. Hebcr K. PACiE , , , , Holy ΐΛνβ Southey Κ Te Denm Landamua R. The Day of tlie Lord. Itaiah, Ch. The Diviue PneeDce. Heber T. Dactylicnm Hez«inetram Heroicnin. OrMoe, pp. Latine, pp.

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Uraece, pp. Gnece, pp. Cholumbicnm eive Seazon. Lfttine, pp. Graece, pp. GntMe, pp. Ualliun bicniu. Latine, p. Phalaecion Hendecuyllabnm. Ana[«eEticum Tetrametram Cataleeticam. Gneee, pp. Latine p. Graece, p. Dactylicnm Elegiacum. Latine» passim. Strophe lambica. Tristichon Tricolon. Strophe quaedam Archilochia. Tetrasticha Monocola.

Asclepiadeum Primum. Aeclepiadeum Quintnm. Tetrasticha Dicola.

Aeclepiadeam Secundum. Asclepiadeum Quartum. Archilochiam Primoni. Archilochium Secundam. Archilochium Tertiam.


Archilochium Quartum. Pythiambicum Primum. PythiambicTim Secnndum. Sapphicam Minue. Sapphicnm MajuB. Strophe Glyconea. Tetrasticha Tricola. Aeclepiadeom Tertium.

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Strophe Glyeonea. Anapaegtictiiii Dimetram. Creticnm sive Pfteonicnni. Grs«ce, p. Strophe Chorica Soph. Naiadum pulelterrima.

Song of the Dijing Maiden. Toj love was falee, bat I yna firm from mj bonr of birtb. Λ Fine Day. Menxt tibi defluat. Catleeiia tigna.

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Tke Vegetable Creaiion. Floret Agtr. Χ ea fatas erat, cum nuda incomptaque tellns, niida prine lateqne informis Taetaqae visn, gramiiia fiTiiiiiiiiBit : qnae moUia matris Bpertai TestiTere latQs Terno viridiqne lepore. Tlie Woodlands. Pan to liie WoTfliippers. Pan leads : aod if yon hail ώιβ right as gnardian of tbe silran reign, ΙΊ1 wing yonr arrowg on tbeir fligbt, nnd speed yonr conrsera o'er the plaia. Stcgerau omne silvarunt fruticamque virei.

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Pau loquitur. HamleVs Soliloquy, Ο be, or not to be, that is the qnestiou : whether 'tis nobler in the mind to snfier the elings and arrows of outrageons fortane, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them? The Siedfasi Shepherd. I have elsewhere vowed a duty ; tume awaj thy temptmg ejes : shew not me a naked beaatie, these impostnres I despise ; my spirit lothee where gawdj clothes and fained othes maj love obtaine.