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Τι νέο υπάρχει σε αυτή την έκδοση - Added Coin News Blog. Πρόσθετες πληροφορίες Έκδοση από summitapps. Ανακοίνωση έβγαλε σήμερα ένας από τους μεγαλύτερους cloud bitcoin wallet provider και υποστηρικτής της συμφωνίας του fork, το Blockchain.

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On approximately November 18th, when block , is mined, a hard fork enabling the bitcoin network to carry 2MB blocks is expected to occur. This follows the soft fork upgrade earlier this year that added Segregated Witness SW signatures to the network.

You’re Temporarily Blocked

Many refer to the combination of these upgrades as the New York Agreement NYA or SW2X , which was supported by a majority of the consumer facing industry, including Blockchain, as well as miners. There is a significant possibility that the planned hard fork will result in two bitcoin block chains. In this case, we will follow the chain with the most accumulated difficulty and refer to that chain as Bitcoin. If the minority chain has significant value we will make that value available for customers to hold or exchange for a period of time, as we did with Bitcoin Cash.

24 HOURS - Testing the ANTMINER S9 for Bitcoin Cash Mining

If the minority chain is the one with 1MB blocks, we plan to call it BC1. If the minority chain has 2MB blocks, we plan to call it BC2. Την ίδια στιγμή ανακοίνωση έβγαλε η μεγαλύτερη κοινότητα της Νότιας Κορέας με πάνω από μέλη απορρίπτοντας το fork. The stated intention of the New York Agreement was to reach a solution to keep the community together. It has become clear in the past months that this is not possible if Segwit2x continues on its planned course. We are confident that BTC, the legacy chain, will not only survive this fork, but continue to flourish as the dominant Bitcoin network.

The purpose of this letter is simply to minimize the damage that gets done this November. Ανακοίνωση έβγαλε και η Bitcoin κοινότητα του Μονάχου απορρίπτοντας και αυτή με την σειρά της το fork.