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Γεια σου Sunny. Love your work and thanks. I suggest leaving a few more seconds at the end because sometimes I forget to give a like and it's gone. I want Bitcoin to drop further so I can buy more cheaper , everyone is rushing to get in on the Alts , while BIG companies are buying up all the cheap bitcoin. Soon the ALts will drop and no bitcoin will be avaliable.

The audio delay has been slightly off the past few videos your lips don't match the audio. This is the only channel it happens to me on so I don't think it's a problem on my end. If the US wanted to kill Bitcoin they could ban it. Of course it would still function but its price would go to near zero. They first need to control bitcoins price through futures trading and then they will issue the ETF. Lief doch ganz gut …. Didn't you say Altcoins would never have a pump lol. Could this have something to do with Bitcoin cashes ow volume?


And also , I guess some institutional investors do the others but not Bitcoin cash? Just guessing here.

Darth Maul candles and Bart Simpson head patterns are bots attempting to jump start volatility. I hear that China is going to shut down the miner in China. Nobody cares about an ETF anymore. Call us when it gets approved.

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Until then …….. Wow , no XRP bashing today. You don't deserve your usual thumb down today. Keep up the good work Sunny!

  1. Άνοιγμα τραπεζικού λογαριασμού στο Alpinum Bank - Άνοιγμα τραπεζικού λογαριασμού στο Alpinum Bank.
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Just when the Moonboys waiting for a breakout , the unexpected happens. Market always differ from what moat people think. It that is all the hope you have for altcoins , stay clear of them.

Vontobel 7X Long Fixed Lever on Natural Gas 8.06

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