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Bug fixes. Βαθμολογίες και κριτικές. Απόρρητο εφαρμογής Δείτε τις λεπτομέρειες. Πληροφορίες Πάροχος BitPay, Inc. Μέγεθος Κατηγορία Οικονομία. Συμβατότητα iPhone Απαιτείται iOS Γλώσσες Αγγλικά.

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Πνευματικά δικαιώματα © BitPay, Inc. The proposed methodology utilises the implementation of a dedicated smart contract that was developed based on a special-purpose structure for satisfying the requirements of the usecase. The evaluation was based on the execution of each of the functions measuring the gas costs and execution time.

The prototype design was deployed and evaluated on a real-world Blockchain framework and can be considered as a first solution to how the Blockchain technology can be utilized within Logistics to overcome any barriers that may exist between professionals. In this paper we present a real implementation of a smart contract for the Logistics industry.

The proposed dApp provides a live example of how Blockchain can be utilized within Logistics as it enables users to send and track products. Copyright: © University of Nicosia, Cyprus All rights reserved. No restrictions on photo-copying.

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Quotations from The Cyprus Review are welcome, but acknowledgement of the source must be given. Home Archives Vol. Published Mar 1, Abstract A prototypical smart contract wrapped as a decentralized application is presented for investigating the potential benefits for applying Blockchain for Logistics.


Badzar, A. Baker, J.